Story Remains King

HeyBrutus specialize in telling crafted stories with real people.  We produce TVCs, extended stories and stills for clients. We don’t believe in “finding it in the edit.” A good story is the result of a robust process. We deliver succinct well crafted and on-message stories coupled with stunning imagery.


Telling a story is easy. But telling a great story takes effort and skill. I quickly learned in my years as a documentary filmmaker that if I was going to persuade an audience about an idea the best way was with a compelling story. This is just as true in the advertising world as so many people view marketing messages as unwanted interruptions. Yes, the buzzword now is “content” (more on that in a later post) but story remains king. Stories aren’t about things or products. They are about people- real life characters. It’s amazing how much time we can actually spare for an idea if it’s presented as an engaging narrative.


Stories aren’t about things or products. They are about people - real-life characters.


We will use this blog to highlight some of our favourite examples from around the world of advertising campaigns that utilise real stories with real people. While of course there is a product to sell; these examples succeed because the story and the characters remain at the forefront. We will also share some anecdotes and experiences of our own: What we have learned. What works? What doesn’t and why? Yes, we’ve got the awards that point to our successes but we’ve still got a few new tricks up our sleeve that we are happy to share.


We hope you enjoy the site and our work. If you’d like to know a little bit more about us wander over to the about section. And both our school report cards said we play well with others so feel free to bring us in if you want to talk through an idea.