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To tell a great story, you need more than ordinary words and pictures. Capture a certain light, a certain moment, and you’ll visually communicate a narrative that would take a thousand words to explain.

Compelling narratives, skilfully told are what Hey Brutus do best. Our superpower is working with real people and putting a face to the brand. We use the power of a human story to influence, educate, inspire and engage.

We focus on your messaging, maintain the highest quality and production value, while keeping our footprint and crew small. With decades of experience, we are adept at working with the C-Suite, athletes, kids, celebrities and politicians.

We love to collaborate with clients and creatives. Ideas are there to be shared and refined.  We are extremely passionate about what we do, but we know that you understand your brand best. We are here to bring your ideas to life.

Simon Clark | Hey Brutus

Simon Clark

Visually telling a story takes more than a camera and a hand to hold it. It takes an experienced eye that can notice the unnoticed.

And Simon has been capturing that magic from behind a camera for three decades. First as a photojournalist in the dangerous corners of the world, then as a high-end advertising photographer, and now as a DOP turning his lens to compelling documentary narratives and clever brand stories.

Simon brings a special mix of relaxed charm and relentless focus to every shoot, putting his subjects at total ease while deftly crafting the perfect shot, telling a deeper story than the obvious one.



Quinn Rudee

Sets can be high stress environments. Bringing people together with a common vision is an art in itself. Quinn finds calm and comfort in these environments, call him the Yoda of production.

Oscar nominated VFX wizard, Scott Squires (Phantom Menace) once said of Quinn, "His demeanor keeps the crew and director on a steady course, even when changes are rapidly taking place, which is rare for a producer."

Quinn’s career started with Paramount Picture’s (where else!) and he has since gained considerable experience as a producer, both on dramatic and commercial projects. His first short was the award-winning “Shuffle” that played to festivals world wide.

His commercial clients have included brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Acer, Nike, McDonalds and the Seahawks! He’s produced branded stories, virtual reality experiences, feature films and television.







Gem Bravo

Any Pronouns

Gem’s our people person. An optimistic and dedicated member of our team, they bring creative solutions and thoughtfulness to all productions. Gem’s anticipating client and crew needs, support wherever needed, and quick solutions, make them one of the most valuable on set.

With a background in LGBTQ+ youth services, community organizing, and the nonprofits, Gem brings a special commitment to community-centered work and vision for a more inclusive film industry. Gem has been organizing and leading people, coordinating events, and planning programming for almost a decade.

With justice and inclusion as strong values, Gem brings a strong perspective to Hey Brutus and a shared love of authentic, humanistic storytelling.





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