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BNZ | Be Good With Money

BNZ wanted to show that sometimes the big stars we look up to on the field are fallible like the rest of us. The challenge: How to get stoic and private men to show vulnerability and share highly personal stories about their experiences with money.

We worked with Colenso to craft a series of TVCs, intimate stories and stills. Find out why money keeps Luke Braid up at night; how growing up in Porirua continues to influence Tamati Ellison, and understand the expensive relationship both Tawera Kerr-Barlow and Reuben Thorne have with their cars. 

Director/Writer: Alison Farmer

DOP/Photographer: Simon Clark

BNZ | Tamati Ellison
"You’ve got to think you’re worthy of having money."
  • BNZ | Andre Taylor | Tawera Kerr
  • BNZ | Reuben Thorne | Luke Braid